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Accident Services

Accident management companies provide complete support for anyone involved in an accident. Particularly in the case of non-fault claims, where the party claiming is innocent of all blame, they will seek to minimise the inconvenience caused following an accident by dealing directly with the at-fault party's insurer to repair the vehicle, manage any personal injury and loss issues, and provide a courtesy car where needed.

By being expert in all aspects of the claims process, the accident management companies can ensure they avoid the various problems and pitfalls that someone trying to do it alone for the first time might struggle with.

Immediately following an accident there will likely be several companies wishing to act on behalf of the non-fault party - but it is important to think about the desired outcome, and the motivations of the parties touting for the business.

Some companies will want to use local repairers, who may or may not provide a service up to the standard of a manufacturer approved repairer.

It is not uncommon for the at-fault party's insurer to try and convince the non-fault party to deal directly with them - allowing them to minimise the cost of the work. It should be obvious that their motivation will be minimising the cost, rather than ensuring the repair is carried out to the highest possible standard.

You are free to contact the main dealer for the car in question to find out if they have an accident management company they can recommend who can ensure that the repairs are carried out by a manufacturer approved repairer. This will usually have the benefit of not impacting on any remaining manufacturer warranty, where an independent repairer may just offer a short warranty - 3 months is not unusual. They are also in a strong position to secure a genuine like-for-like replacement vehicle whilst the damaged vehicle is being repaired.